Miscellaneous tools and equipment

Trading over 30 years in the hire business there are always items that rarely get asked for but are far too useful to be discarded.

Our inventory on-line cannot be definitive so if you have need a tool – ask any of our senior staff and I am sure they will either know where we have it stored or where you can go to get one

Stump Planer
Hand tools, spade, shovel, pickaxe, wheelbarrow
Plastic site Barriers
Hydrant key
Clay Pipe Cutter ( chain type
Kerb Lifter (2 MAN)
Wire Tie Tool
Concrete Test Cube Moulds
Bitumen Pot Boiler
Sack trucks and trolleys
Ladder Foot Stay
Solid Site Fencing
Site Fencing
Road Cones
Road Plates
Chapter 8 road signs
Work Cage
Footway safety plates