Petrol engine Concrete Poker

We hire portable petrol and electric vibrating concrete pokers  designed to power a wide variety of  poker flexible shafts to effectively removing trapped air pockets from your concrete. Concrete that has has been laid using a poker has less chance of breaking due to its constant consistency.

Petrol-A Honda engine power unit powering a vibrating 50 mm shaft and head unit. Ideal for out door concrete applications where there is a need to remove trapped air from concrete.

Also available for hire:

110v-A very portable electric poker drive unit, with 30 mm head. Not only is it lightweight it is also very durable as it is made from shockproof hardened plastic allowing it to cope with use on building sites. Easy to use and transport around your work site.

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Hire rates:
£ 30.00 £ 39.00 £ 60.00
Please note: All cleaning is chargeable