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Shipston: 01608 661677
Bourton:  01451 810885

Shipston: 01608 661677
Bourton:  01451 810885
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Bourton On The Water Tool Hire Centre

Our Bourton On The Water depot covers Gloucestershire, North Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

Our Bourton-on-the-Water depot is ideally situation in the North Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and is just 15 miles East of Cheltenham

We keep a wide range of hire equipment in stock for immediate collection or can deliver within a 30 mile radius

If you would like to order equipment, buy Calor Gas cylinders, purchase tools and equipment or ask for our advice on projects within this area please contact our Bourton depot 01451 810885.

Unit 4, Willow Court
GL54 2HQ

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Bourton-on-the-Water Hire Centre

Fosseway Hire don’t just hire tools and plant to the building industry we are proud of the friendly, helpful service we provide to the general public so don’t be afraid to call in to your local Bourton Hire centre to ask for advice on anything from hiring basic decorating equipment, an upright vacuum cleaner, lawn care equipment, DIY tools all the way up to a 6 ton digger.

Here are just three examples of very different situations where hiring is easily the best option.

1 Special Event

What are you planning?

We’re planning to throw a large party out in the garden to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary.

We want to invite around 50 guests, have a BBQ, some music and dance until the small hours.

We’ll also need some kind of heating in case it gets cold in the evening.

Take a look at our range of outside lighting. Our powerful Flood Lights, Fluorescent Lights or Mast Lights are great for lighting large areas.

Our Pod Lights and Festoon Party Lights offer more subtle options.

Check out our Event Heating options too – being in the UK it always gets a bit chilly.

You might want to take a look at our range of range of Power Generators as you’ll probably need extra power.

Your existing BBQ will be a bit too small, we have a range of large event-sized BBQs. Don’t forget the Calor Gas!

Want to make sure your lawn stays in good condition? Hire some Ground Guards.

Take a look at all our Event Equipment for hire

Or visit our Event Equipment Hire section for more tips & advice.

2 DIY Tool Hire Bourton-on-the-Water

What problem are you trying to solve? 

We want to remove a tree stump in our garden to make some space for a vegetable patch.

We have a large oak tree stump in the garden that we want to remove safely.

The machinery will need to fit down the side of our semi-detached house which is quite narrow.

We have a range of sizes Tree Stump Grinders to suit different types of jobs. They have powerful petrol engines, are easy to use and will save you many hours of trying to dig the stump out of the ground.

The smaller ones are also narrow enough to fit through the tightest of spaces, yet still powerful enough to get the job done.

We also hire Rotovators and Turf Cutters providing a quick and effective way of creating your vegetable patch.

Take a look at our Garden Maintenance & Design section for more tips and advice.

3 Emergency

What’s happened?

We’ve had a water leak and our bathroom upstairs is now flooded.

A pipe was leaking in our upstairs bathroom – it has now been repaired.

However, the water has leaked into a room downstairs and has soaked into the walls and carpets.

You’ll need to remove all the water then clean and dry all affected rooms quickly and effectively.

Our Submersible Puddle Pumps are best for removing shallow puddles of water.

The Hilti VC40 Industrial-Strength Vacuum will easily remove water from carpets.

Our powerful Carpet Cleaners will leave your carpets looking brand new again.

Large Fans will circulate the air and our Industrial Dehumidifiers will also help to dry out damp rooms. We recommend that you keep a dehumidifier running 24-hours a day for at least a week to be most effective.

Read our expert guide to dehumidifier hire and what do to with a flooded house.

Will you need to redecorate  following the clean up? If so visit our In the Home section.

Garden Maintenance & Designgarden logs

We’ve got a huge range of tools to help you create your perfect garden – and keep it maintained.

Our Tool Hire top Tips & Advice

Click below to reveal our top Tips and Advice and meet all the essential tools and machines you’ll ever need to create an amazing garden space.

Lawn Care

Removing Turf, Cutting Long Grass & Clearing Overgrown Areas

Garden Paving

Building Fences & Maintaining Hedges

Improving & Cultivating your Garden or Allotment

Tree Pruning & Tree Stump Removal Bourton-on-the-Water

Garden Waste Removal & Wood Chipping


For more specific examples of jobs in the garden when hiring is easily the best option take a look at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by our customers.

All gardens have trouble with moss at some point. Fear not though, moss is a temporary problem and usually occurs after a drought or waterlogging. 

It’s best to hire a scarifier to remove moss. A scarifier is really easy to use and looks a lot like a lawn mower but has thin rake-like spikes that extracts the moss but leaves your grass intact.

The best time to scarify your garden is early Spring and early Autumn.

Once you’ve removed the moss the best way to keep it at bay is to keep your grass plentiful and vigorous.

Consider hiring a lawn aerator before you do any re-seeding as this will increase oxygen flow to the lawn and will also give a little bit of protection for the seeds from birds.

Hire a garden fertiliser spreader to encourage your grass to grow.

Hiring a mower to cut your grass regularly will also help you keep your lawn healthy.

To get your lawn nice and flat like a Premier League football pitch hire the Bomag 55 roller or the water filled garden roller.

We’d recommend starting with the wildest, most overgrown areas by aiming to remove as much of the bulkiest flora first.

It’s best to hire a heavy duty garden strimmer – it’s powerful enough to tame most overrun spaces. 

Next up, take a look at our range of powerful flail mowers for hire – they’re great for really long grass, brambles, bracken and scrub land.

We also have a number of top-of-the-range rotary lawn mowers for hire – for when the grass has been reduced to a more regular length.

Yes to both.

If there’s just one of you on the job try hiring a manual post hole borer.

If there’s two or more of you, and the job’s quite substantial, hire one of our petrol-powered  post hole borers.

If you’ve got a large, tall hedge to tame try hiring a long reach hedge cutter, some podium steps or a scaffold tower to help you reach the top of it.

It’s best to hire a stump grinder to remove a tree stump. They’re easy to use and will save you a lot of time and effort hacking away at the tree stump. 

Once the surface of the stump is out of the way you might want to hire a micro digger to remove the roots – they’ll fit  through the smallest of gaps and can operate in the tightest of spaces.

Much depends on the size and age of the tree.

Hire one of our large diesel wood chippers to deal with the largest of trees and the chunkiest of tree branches.

For most jobs in the garden you’ll be fine hiring a garden shredder.

In the Homein the home

From professionally cleaning your carpets to knocking down walls to make room for a kitchen diner – we’ve got loads of tools and machines that’ll help you create your ideal home.

Our top Tips & Advice

Click below to reveal our top Tips and Advice to help you learn more about all the essential tools and machines to use to make your home the best place it can possibly be.

Carpets & Floors Bourton on the Water


Heating & Keeping Cool


Large Indoor Refurbishment Projects






For more specific examples of projects in the home where hiring equipment is easily the best option take a look at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by our customers.

Hiring carpet cleaners is a great way to save some money and get your carpets looking brand new.

Once the carpet cleaner has sucked up the dirty water at the end of the job your carpet will be dry enough to walk on in about five hours

And yes, we can even supply the cleaning fluid if you want us to.

Yes, we’ve got a number of floor sanders for hire.

To get right to the edges of your floor, or for a job that’s in a confined area like stairs, hire a floor edge sander.

For walls and ceilings you’ll need to hire a long reach orbital sander.

Yes you will. For large and really tall rooms try hiring a decorators tower or a half-width scaffold tower. They’re both quite light and movable.

Also consider hiring trestles and hiring scaffold boards as an even simpler alternative.

Yes, hire the Hilti TE106 breaker or the more powerful Hilti TE80

The former is ideal for removing floor tiles, chipping render off walls and light chiselling jobs while the latter is better for bigger jobs or outside ones.

Depending on the thickness of your tiles, we’ve got two different sizes of tile saws for hire.

Our tile cutting machines are fitted with diamond tipped saw blades that are cooled by a water tray at the base.

Property Maintenance & Improvement Bourton property brick wall

Whether you’re planning on some plumbing, building an extension or maybe just need to find the right tool to cut a piece of wood into shape – we’ve got loads of equipment for hire to do jobs outside your property.

Our top Tips & Advice

Click below to reveal our top Tips and Advice and learn about all the essential tools and machines you’ll ever need to improve and maintain your own property.

Extension Building 

Plumbing & Heating


Doors, Windows, Roofs & Drains




Take a look at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from our customers when doing projects to improve or maintain their properties.

Yes, no problem.

Our most popular domestic diggers for hire are the 1 ton micro digger and 1.6 ton digger

Yes, to test your central heating try hiring the Rothenberger pressure test kit.

Hire our pipe freezing kit to stop water leaking or isolate an area to work on – so you don’t have to drain the whole central heating system.

Yes, you’ll need to hire one of our Hilti wall chasers or the Hilti TE106 breaker to cut channels in walls for electrical wiring or pipes. 

We’ve got an extensive range of scaffold towers for hire. Talk to us for advice on the size you’ll need.

We also have a selection of ladders for hire. Most likely you’ll need to hire a double roof ladder, or a single roof ladder.

Hire a router to do the job – it’s one of the most versatile tools available.

Hiring the Hilti WSJ 750 jigsaw will also work.

Event Equipment Hireevent equipment hire

Whether you’re planning a large garden party, hosting a wedding reception or putting on an outside concert – we’ve got loads of specialist event equipment for hire.

Our top Tips & Advice

Click below to reveal our top Tips and Advice on what equipment you’ll need to hire to make your event a major success. Bourton-on-the-Water

Crowd Control, Ground Guards & Car Parking

Food & Drink



Power & Distribution

Hire Centre FAQs

We’ve helped loads of people organise and enjoy special events over the years and here are just some of their most Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, to control the flow of people and cordon off any areas at your event you’ll need to hire our metal crowd barriers.

To create walkways on grass so mud doesn’t become an issue you’ll want to hire some ground guards.

Yes, our ground guards for hire are very popular in the construction industry and can take the weight of all cars quite easily.

With concerts or gigs, as with any event, it’s all about the scale.

For really large outdoor concerts you’ll need to hire our 40kva or 45kva generator.

For medium-sized concerts you’ll want to hire one of our 8kva or 20kva generators

Our portable petrol generators are great to hire for smaller gigs.

We hire 15 meter power distribution cables that’ll hook up all the equipment you’ll need to the generators. Or, hire some extension leads – they’re all 14 metres long and can be ‘daisy chained’ together up to 40 metres.

We’ve got years of experience helping local people to plan events so talk to us for advice.

With outside events, it’s all about the scale.

For really large outdoor events you’ll need to hire our 40kva or 45kva generator

For medium sized events you’ll want to hire one of our 8kva or 20kva generators.

Our portable petrol generators are great to hire for smaller events or parties.

We hire 15 meter power distribution cables for hooking up electrical sockets to generators for any event. Or, hire extension leads – they’re all 14 metres long and can be ‘daisy chained’ together up to 40 metres.

We’ve got years of experience helping people put on events so talk to us for advice.

Our powerful Flood LightsFluorescent Lights or Mast Lights are great for lighting up large areas.

Our Pod Lights and Festoon Party Lights are more subtle options.

In the Home

Bourton-on-the-Water Hire Cente

Whether you’re renovating an existing one or laying a new timber floor, hire a floor sander to help you get the job done.

decorators tower


Tall walls? Hire a decorating tower to help you reach.


Hire a tile saw – to cut over-large tiles down to size.
These are just a sample of our products for hire. Read all our tips and FAQs for hiring tools for home improvement.

Or browse our hire products catalogue.

Garden Maintenance & Design

Hiring Lawn Care Tools Bourton-on-the-Water

From scarifiers to turf cutters, take a look at our full lawn care hire equipment.

Planting & flower beds

Hire a tiller or rotavotor to rejuvenate your soil, ready for planting.

Tree maintenance

Hire a manual tree pruner to remove small branches and foliage.

These are just a sample of our products for hire. Read all our tips and FAQs for hiring tools for garden maintenance and design.

Or browse our hire products catalogue.

Property Improvement – Extension building


Hire a compactor plate for levelling out shed or extension bases.


Hire an angle drill to drill holes in difficult places.


Hire a reciprocating saw to cut through pipes.

This is only a selection of all the tools we have. Read all our tips and FAQs for property maintenance & improvement.

Or, take a look at all our building and construction equipment for hire.

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