Podium Steps

A safe work platform, where you are surrounded by guard rails with 4 wheels firmly on the ground making them much safer than step ladders will ever be. We don’t hire step ladders as we think they can be dangerous, but we do have stock of podium steps which we all feel much safer using and do the same job of getting you up to those hard to reach places.
We have various designs of podium steps, they are all aluminium and on castor wheels like mini scaffold towers, that are very simple to assemble and move from room to room. Whilst in use you have the benefit of a stable base and guard rails all around you. The maximum platform height we offer is 1500mm and the podium step is a big success with decorators, for plastering and those changing light fittings, etc.
Hire rates:
£ 17.00 £ 22.10 £ 34.00
Please ask our experienced staff for advice when selecting Podium Steps