Protective Clothing

Pro Clothing;

We stock a wide range of protective clothing and we use it ourselves. This means that we only sell protective clothing that works well and is durable, we understand the environments that you operate in. Our range of Hoggs foot ware for example is the most comfortable, waterproof and long lasting that we have ever found-we all wear Hoggs boots and wellingtons daily. Our Dickies water proof over jackets and trousers are good quality and because we use them for several hours per day in our wash bays we can confirm that they are 100% waterproof and much less prone to splitting. If you’re looking for work gloves we stock a range of them and have tested dozens of brands until sure that we can supply the best available. We don’t just stock basic dust masks, we stock a range to ensure you get the right masks to protect you from the materials you’re working with. In short you can rely on us to supply the best quality protective clothing for the job you need to do.