Pressure Washers - petrol engine, rotary and electric

Hire our petrol or electric heavy duty pressure washers for cleaning moss from drive ways or paths, cleaning vehicles and a host of other cleaning applications.

110v/240v-A high pressure water outlet, simply connect your hose pipe, switch on machine and pull the trigger on the lance, ideal for patio cleaning.

Petrol-A powerful water jet from this Honda petrol engine machine. Easy to start and use, draws water from your hose pipe or from a bowser.

We also hire Demon Hurricane rotary pressure washers. Perfect for cleaning areas such as patios, pavements, walkways and sports grounds, tennis courts  and car parks.
Price’s for the Demon Hurricane Patio Cleaner machine are £50 per 24 hrs, £65 per 2 day hire, £100 per week hire (Prices plus VAT)

It is important that these machines have an adequate supply of water pressure to them at all times to prevent damage to the pump unit. Please ask for hose fitting dimensions as our machines require that your hose pipe is  clipped onto the machines spigot intake.
Spraying water near electrical cables, sockets and outlets can be potentially lethal. You must follow all necessary precautions when using pressure washers.

Water pressure
1500 PSI
Max Flow
11 litres per minute
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Hire rates:
£ 32.50 (41.00) £ 42.25 (53.30) £ 65.00(85.00)
electric powered (petrol power)