Lawn Aerator Hire

We hire lawn aerators that can either put drainage slots or holes in your lawn or sports fields allowing much better drainage for water logged areas and generally improving the surface of any grassland. Please specify which variety you would like- hollow tine aerator of solid tine aerator.

The Honda petrol engine lawn aerators we offer have either solid or hollow tines and are professional machines capable of aerating large lawns or playing fields quickly. You walk behind the machine to steer it and control the speed-the depth of core removed is governed by how many weights you choose to remove from the weight frame.

* You will need a large van, a pick up or a trailer if you wish to collect the machine from us, or simply ask us to quote you for delivery/collection.

Hire rates:
£ 42.00 £ 54.60 £ 84.00
Ground may need to be soaked prior to Aerating