How to Hire, Prices & Conditions

Hiring tools and equipment is a simple process, whether you’re planning to host a large party, do some building work or remove an old tree stump.

If you consider the points below we’ll be able to offer you the best tools to do the job.

  1. What do you want to do? Or, if it’s DIY-related, what problem do you want to solve?
  2. What’s the scale of your project? Also think of the timing and any special considerations unique to your situation.
  3. Read the advice and browse our extensive range of hire products on the For Regular Hirers or For New Hirers pages.
  4. Call us on 01608 661677 or 01451 810885 for friendly advice and to Secure Your Hire.

Please note: We can deliver for a reasonable delivery fee, however, you could save more money by collecting your items from us.

As is standard with hiring professional tools and equipment, you’ll need to show us some form of photo I.D and leave a credit or debit card deposit.
If you have a long term project or are likely to be a regular hirer, credit accounts are available with us.

Hire Pride Guide

Click the link below to find our new price guide, if you are unable to find the price for the item you are looking for please don’t hesitate to call us at our Shipston or Bourton locations or if you find yourself at one of our locations feel free to ask for a copy or even print a copy for yourself!

price guide 2018 finished 2

Hire Charges
Hire equipment charges are based on the following calculation. However, there are some groups of hire equipment that are exceptions and these have specific charges for day hire or week hire. Each class of equipment on this website has its own rates and these can be seen under the groups on the left of the home screen.

1 day 50% of a week
2 day 65% of a week
3 day 85% of a week
4-7days 100% of a week

Charges after 7 days are charged per day as an equal percentage of the week rate.

For the rates on plant hire equipment please ask at your local depot.

Terms and Conditions

Fosseway Hire are members of the Hire Association of Europe and all of our terms and conditions are set by them. If you wish to view the terms and conditions we operate under then please follow this link, alternatively if you have a copy of one of our booklets we also have the terms and conditions on the back page.  

Hire Insurance
It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that hire equipment is covered for loss and damage otherwise the hirer is responsible for replacement of equipment.

A ‘Damage Waiver’ is applied to all non account hire contracts for small tools and is charged at 15% of the hire rate. Damage waiver is also available for account customers on request.

Please Note: we are unable to offer Damage Waiver or Hire Insurance on any plant items, towable equipment or cross hire items.  

Regular delivery routes are run throughout the day at set cost for tool hire equipment and plant dependent on the equipment, distance, time and vehicle used to make your delivery. We are happy to quote you for delivery.

However, should you require equipment delivered to you urgently or by a set time then this delivery would incur and emergency rate. For further details please ask at your local depot.

Cleaning and Damage
Cleaning and Damage will be charged on hire items that are not returned in the same condition they were hired out in.

All prices shown are excluding VAT which is chargeable at 20%

Booking Equipment
Although you can simply contact us by phone or in person on the day that you’d like to hire, it’s always easier to pre-book items. This ensures we can provide you with a more efficient service. All of our depots have diaries and customers who have pre-booked are seldom disappointed.

Proof of I.D
If you are a new customer to us we will ask you to show us proof of indentification. At least one item of I.D must have your photo on it, for example your drivers licence or passport. We may take a photstat copy of this to add to your hire contract, until the equipment has been returned to us and payment has been made for the hire. Your current home or business address must be clearly visible on your I.D.

All cash customers will be asked for a credit/debit card deposit and we will be unable to complete a hire transaction without a deposit. Deposits will only be returned at the end of the hire upon payment being made in FULL.

Trade accounts
It’s easy to open an account with us. A printed application form is available on request, or you can download one from this site by clicking the “A/C Application” link on the menu bar.

Collecting Equipment From Us
We do charge for delivering and collecting equipment.

You can save yourself this charge by collecting/returning equipment from/to any of our depots yourself.
Some of our equipment is heavy and bulky. Please ensure that you bring along a suitable vehicle or trailer and have some method of loading/unloading the equipment safely, as well as a method of securing the equipment in transit.
We are happy to advise you regarding the weight and size of the equipment you are collecting.

We will not load equipment into/onto unsuitable vehicles for you, or put you/ourselves/ other road users at risk by attempting to do so.