Calor Gas at Fosseway Hire

We sell all sizes of Calor Gas cylinders in both butane and propane. Including:

  • Patio Gas - Propane: 5kg and 13kg.
  • Propane: 3.9kg; 6kg; 13kg; 18kg - for forklift trucks; 19kg and 47kg.
  • Butane: 4.5kg; 7kg and 15kg.

You can also buy CampingGaz 904 and 907 size cylinders from us.

Calor Gas stockists, delivery and recycling

We supply a number of local Calor Gas stockists so the chances are there will be one near you.

We offer a pick-up service from our depots in Shipston-on-Stour and Bourton-on-the-Water.

We also offer a Calor Gas delivery service, covering Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. 

Should you have any unwanted old Calor Gas cylinders you can hand them in at our depots and we’ll arrange for Calor to collect them and put them safely back into service.

Where to buy?

Visit our calor gas suppliers near me page.


Need some advice?

Call us on 01608 661677 or 01451 810885 for friendly advice from one of our team.

Or, take a look at our Calor Gas bottle sizes guide below.

Calor Gas bottle sizes guide

Patio Gas Cylinders - Propane

Calor patio gas cylinders are always green with distinctive red tops.

Patio gas bottles have a male 27mm diameter fitting and take a clip-on regulator for easy fitting.

Almost always used on barbecues and patio heaters.

calor gas patio

5kg Patio Gas

The 5kg Patio gas bottle has enough gas in it to fuel up to 14 BBQs. It's a great choice for powering your small and medium BBQs, or table top heater. The gas bottle has been designed to be light, easy to carry and convenient to store.
patio gas 13 kg

13kg Patio Gas

The big brother of the 5kg Patio. The 13kg Patio Gas is perfect for larger barbeques (three burners or more) and patio heaters, when longer durations are expected.

Propane - Calor Gas Cylinders

Calor Gas propane cylinders are easily identified as they are all red with screw-in female connectors. 

They are usually used for heating purposes, cooking and industrial applications.

Here are all our propane gas bottle sizes:

3.9kg Propane

Ideal for a wide range of industrial uses and DIY tools including small industrial burners and blowtorches. Portable with folding carry handle.
calor gas propane

6kg Propane

Ideal for fuelling heating and cooking in your caravan or motorhome.
calor gas propane

13kg Propane

Ideal for light commercial use, such as heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans. The Calor Gas 13kg propane is also very popular with narrow boat owners and in recent years some customers have been using these on their BBQ’s too.

19kg Propane

These cylinders are often used to power LPG cookers and ovens and offer great value for money. They are also used in a variety of industrial applications. For those working with felt roofing or shrink wrap it means less time spent changing cylinders.
propane calor gas 47kg cylinder

47kg Propane

These cylinders are often used to power central heating for homes and businesses where LPG is a large part of the process. Pheasant rearing farms, pig units, mobile home sites and static caravans all tend to use these big bottles.
forklift truck calor gas

18kg Forklift truck

These distinctive cylinders are only used on forklift trucks. They're usually mounted horizontally and have a special thread to fit the forklift’s fuel hose to supply liquid gas to the engine. We supply lots of these to companies operating forklifts in warehouses.

Butane - Calor Gas Cylinders

The traditional blue Calor Gas bottle.

Butane gas will freeze at temperatures less than zero degrees centigrade and so is usually used for heaters within the home.

4.5kg Butane

The only butane cylinder with a screw-on connection and folding handle. Used for some traditional blow torches and camping stoves.
butane 7kg

7kg Butane

This cylinder takes a 21mm diameter clip-on regulator for easy connection and is used in small, mobile cabinet heaters.
butane 15kg

15kg Butane

The original blue butane cylinder with a 21mm diameter push fitting regulator. Used mainly for portable indoor heaters, such as the ‘SuperSer” type, three bar gas fire.


The lightweight yet sturdy metal cylinder fitted to camping stoves, LPG lanterns and other CampingGaz accessories.

campinggaz 904

CampingGaz 904

This cylinder takes a small screw-on connector and reseals when disconnected, enabling you to better pack all your camping gear. It contains 1.8kg of butane and weighs 4.81kg. Dimensions are 20cm x 14.5cm.

CampingGaz 907

The big brother of the 904 cylinder for those on longer camping trips or those cooking for other campers too. Same screw-on fitting as the 904 cylinder. It contains 2.75kg of butane and weighs 6.46kg. Dimensions are 20.3cm x 23.5cm.