Safety Advice And Regulations

Click below for our list of appropriate safety regulations associated with the equipment you are about to hire.  The government has issued a number of safety guidelines, the appropriate ones for our hire equipment are listed below.

                              “Always ensure that you wear all the relative safety equipment

                                 when operating any of our equipment. Our staff will always

                                  offer you safety equipment when commencing your hire”.



                                                   Health and Safety Regulations
For safe use of quick hitches
For safe use of dumpers
For safety in demolition
For safe use of cement mixer
For safe use of scaffold towers operators/english/33499.pdf
For safe use of genie lifts
For safe use of ride on rollers
For safe use of scaffold towers
For safe use of floor sanders HT8
For safe use of steam cleaners
For safe use of ladders
Using Calor Gas safely
For hand arm vibration safety
Stonesaws and floor saws cutting safety
For stump grinder safety

Buried cables and CAT detectors
Use of generators at events
Safe use of mobile wood chippers
Wet cement hazards


We have ready made PPE ‘Safety Kits’ available to purchase at £4.95 Net per pack.