Rotavator Hire

We have a range of rotavators to suit most jobs and users.

Rotavators are powerful pieces of garden machinery which will save you a lot of time and energy digging by hand.

When you hire a rotavator from us you’ll be hiring professional, tried and tested machinery. 

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We’ve put together a rotavator hire guide below to help you.

Our Range of Rotavators for Hire

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Merry Tiller Rotovators

The Honda merry tiller is a great rotovator for garden areas that have previously been dug, but allowed to fall fallow.
hydraulic rotavator

Hydraulic or Heavy Rotavators

The advantage of a large, wheel driven rotovator soon becomes evident if you have a lot of ground to rotovate or if the ground is hard and compacted.

Rotavator Hire Guide

Rotavators are powerful pieces of gardening machinery, often used in allotments and fields, to break up, churn and aerate the soil prior to planting vegetables, seeds and bulbs or laying turf. 

They use a set of blades or rotors connected via a gearbox to a powerful petrol engine allowing them to break through the soil and break it down into smaller pieces helping to make an even seed tilth if used repeatedly over the same area. 

They will certainly save you a lot of energy and time hand digging.

A rotovator won’t dig if the ground is compacted, dry, hard or overgrown though, being designed to cultivate ground which has already been dug the first time. 

They are powerful and the rotor tines do a lot of work as they tear into the earth, which means the operator needs a level of strength and stamina to hold onto the machine.

We offer ‘merry tiller cultivator’ types of machine that pull themselves through the ground using their tines and ‘large wheel driven rotavators’ which have drive wheels for traction and rotating tines to the rear of the machine. 

The smaller variety have folding handles and will fit into medium sized hatchbacks and estate cars. 

The large varieties require a pick up, large van or trailer to transport them.

Take a look at our Garden Maintenance and Design hire guide for more information.

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