Hydraulic Rotovators

The advantage of a large, wheel driven rotovator soon becomes evident if you have a lot of ground to rotovate or if the ground is hard and compacted. They have powerful drive wheels, hydraulic power to the blades and a big petrol Honda engine, so you won’t have hours of hand digging.

The Hydraulic rotovator is wheel driven, with rear mounted tines. It’s built for turning over fairly hard or compacted ground. Once rotovated you can then reverse the tine drive direction and rotovate again to produce a fine tilth.

Please note: un-dug turf CANNOT be rotovated and can cause machine damage – chargeable to hirer. Un-dug ground must be broken up prior to rotovating.

*It is a large, heavy machine powered by a 9HP Honda engine and needs to be transported on a trailer or up ramps onto a pick up bed. Or ask us to quote you to deliver and collect it for you.

Dimensions (LxWxH)
Tine width
Tine diameter
Hire rates:
£ 65.00 £ 84.50 £ 130.00
Cleaning the rotovator is chargeable and string and wire on tines is time consuming to clean!