Scaffold Tower Hire

We have a range of scaffold towers for hire to help you get the job done more easily and safely.

One of the main reasons for hiring a scaffold tower is the improved stability they provide compared to using just a ladder.

When you hire any scaffold tower from us you’ll be hiring professional, tried and tested machinery. 

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We’ve put together a quick scaffold tower hire guide below.

Our Range Of Scaffold Towers

half width scaffold tower

Narrow Width Scaffold Towers

A safe horizontal working platform for you with guard rails, braces and stabilizers, just like the bigger towers but narrow enough to fit into tight spaces.
double width scaffold tower

Double Width Scaffold Tower

One of the best aluminium towers on the market and comes to you with kick boards, stabilisers and full assembly instructions.

Podium Steps

We have various designs of podium steps available to hire, they are all aluminium and on castor wheels like mini scaffold towers.
decorators tower

Decorators Tower

Our decorators towers are made from aluminium making them light enough to move around and small enough to be able to get it into most properties.

Chimney Scaffold

Chimney scaffolds are an ideal working platform to enable you to rebuild or repoint your chimney stack.

Scaffold Tower Hire Guide

Scaffold towers – also known as ‘tower scaffolds’ are a great alternative to ladders when you’re working at height. Being very popular hire items, we keep a good range in stock, including narrow tower and stairwell towers as well as the full width ones. 

We will ask you ‘what platform height you need’ which refers to the flat upper most platform you will be standing on to do the work. 

Our towers come in ‘kit form’ for you to assemble on your site and must be disassembled prior to us collecting them – we will not put up or take down scaffold towers for you.

Why hire a scaffold tower?

Our tower scaffolds are designed to be as safe as possible for the user and anyone else nearby. Their versatility means they are often used in construction work, painting and decorating, gutter or window cleaning and even garden jobs such as hedge cutting and tree pruning.

One of the main reasons for using a scaffold tower is the improved stability they provide. 

Unlike ladders, towers can support themselves standing alone and don’t need to be positioned against another structure to remain upright. They also have effective stabilizers so the user can feel safe and confident to do their job.

Towers are also ideal when you need to put down the tools and materials you're using and keep them safely beside you, something you simply can’t do when using ladders.

Used on a level, stable surface, the working platform, surrounded by support bars on each side, allows individuals to carry out work on surfaces both in front of and directly above them. 

Our scaffold towers are fitted with wheels, making them straightforward to move around.        (never move a tower when someone is up on it) they’re also fitted with brakes to stop the wheels from moving when the tower is in use.

As aluminium scaffold is light, it is easy to transport. 

Most large vans or pickup trucks can transport them easily and assembly of the tower is relatively straight forward. 

For more information see our guide to hiring equipment for property maintenance in our For New Hirers page.

Call us on 01608 661677 or 01451 810885 for advice at any time.