Scaffold Boards

The list of uses for scaffold planks goes on and on, from construction sites to allotment use. Always ensure all scaffold planks are adequetly supported at least every metre for your safety. We usually have these items in stock as they are a very popular hire item with the builders.
We have both timber and plastic scaffold planks for hire they are all 13 ft long. The plastic variety are easy to keep clean and much nicer to handle if your site involves moving a lot of boards. Scaffold boards need to be kept in good order to be safe. We will charge you the replacement price of any planks you damage. Please do not use grinders or disc cutters to cut bricks, etc that are resting on our planks!
Hire rates:
£ 1.50 £ 1.95 £ 3.00
Cleaning Scaffold Planks is essential to avoid charges