Staging Boards

The Youngman board or staging board performs like a large, rigid scaffold board offering greater support and a bigger platform. They have strong aluminium sides and come in a variety of lengths, unlike scaffold planks that are only 13 feet long.
The youngman style staging board is designed to span gaps and offer a stable working platform.We hire lengths of staging board up to 7.2m x 600mm They must however be supported at least every 3 metres. They offer a more rigid and wider alternative to the scaffold plank. Please ensure you use handrails (which we can supply) with all staging boards in accordance to health and safety criteria.
Hire rates:
£ 20.00 8-16ft (23.00 18-24ft) £ 26.00 8-16ft (29.90 18-24ft) £ 40.00 8-16ft (46.00 18-24ft)
Guard rail and supporting trestles available