Hire Chimney Scaffold

Our aluminium chimney scaffold system allows you to have a horizontal working platform to stand on whilst doing repairs to your chimney stack. The light weight aluminium components need to be carried up your roof and assembled around the chimney stack. Full instructions are supplied with this scaffold system.
You can hire either a full or half section chimney scaffold from us. The full chimney scaffold is fitted over the ridge of your roof and gives you a working platform to stand on (complete with guard rails). It’s an ideal working platform to enable you to rebuild or repoint your chimney stack, allowing access to both sides of the chimney stack, if your chimney is positioned in the middle of your roof. The half section we hire allows access to the ridge side of a gable end chimney only. (this means that to surround a whole chimney one needs 4  x  1/2’s)
Hire rates:
£ 65.00 (46.00) £ 84.50 (59.80) £ 130.00 (92.00)
( 1/2 section)