Generator Hire

We have a range of generators available to hire suitable for any size of event or building project.

Hiring a generator from us means that you:

  • Will save money as generators only tend to be needed for special occasions or jobs
  • Are hiring professional, tried and tested machinery.

See our range of generators below. Or call us on 01608 661677 or 01451 810885 for advice and to secure your hire.

Or take a look at our easy to understand generator hire guide below.

Current Generators

generator hire

10kva & 20kva Generators

Our 10kva and 20kva generators are road towable with a large four-wheel drive vehicle standard ball hitch and come with both a 240 volt and 110 volt outlet.
large generators for hire

40kva & 45kva Generators

Our largest Generators could provide enough power for a house, large event or market square.
petrol generator

Portable Petrol Generators

Even our smallest generator will power quite a large concrete breaker.

Generator Hire - Guide 

There are times when you need to power electrical items, but are not close to mains power outlets, this is when you need to hire a generator.

We’re all accustomed to plugging into our household sockets and getting as much power as we need at the flick of a switch, not considering how much power we are drawing. 

How to choose the right generator to hire

When choosing a generator you DO need to consider this aspect and choose a machine capable of powering your items.

For example a small petrol engine generator will not power a household kettle, but will power several lights. A large diesel generator can power many items if the power is evenly distributed across the sockets and distribution sockets.

Your electrical items have a power rating label on them rated in KVA or Watts – make a note of these prior to calling your local hire company so they know what size generator you will need.

It's also a good idea:

  • If you are holding an event with electrical items scattered over a wide area you will need to consider extension leads and power distribution points too. 
  • To draw a rough sketch of the area and where each electrical item will be located – and let your hire company study this too!

For more information see our guide to hiring equipment for events in our For New Hirers page.

Or just call us on 01608 661677 or 01451 810885 for advice at any time.