40kva & 45kva Generators

Our largest Generators could provide enough power for a house, large event or market square. We have years of experience in hiring road towable, super silent units for these applications and are happy to advise you on the best type of machine for your job.



Our 40kva and 45kva generators are large powerful generators that have 240volts and 415volt outlets. Both the 40 and 45kva generators are ready to tow with a large four wheel drive vehicle.
Our experience staff will advise on power distribution and layout.  You will probably need cables and distribution boards and we keep a full range to ensure you can supply whole events efficiently.

Please note our 10, 20, 40 and 45 kVa generators are all diesel units and come to you full of clean diesel. We charge for fuel used and can supply extra fuel at your request.

*If you refill our machines with the wrong type of fuel (e.g. kerosene or petrol, water) or with dirty/ contaminated fuel we will charge you for call outs, replacement fuel or any repairs to our equipment*

Unlike many generator hire companies we do not surcharge for how many hours you have been running the generator.

Silent running
Voltage (Both 40 and 45kva)
240v and 415v
Hire rates
£ 125 (130) £ 162.50(169.00) £ 250(260)