10kva & 20kva Generators

We have a range of generators and are happy to work out what size machine you will need for your particular application. We also keep the plugs, sockets and leads in stock as well as power distribution boards. Our 20 kva generators are also capable of 3 phase, 415 power output if this is the voltage you require.


Both our 10kva and 20kva generators are road towable with a large four wheel drive vehicle standard ball hitch and come with both a 240volt and 110volt outlet.

You will probably need cables and distribution boards too, we have these in stock.

Our machines come to you full of clean diesel fuel, we can supply additional fuel should you need it, any fuel used is chargeable at the end of the hire.

*If you refill our machines with the wrong type of fuel (e.g. kerosene or petrol, water) or with dirty/ contaminated fuel we will charge you for call outs, replacement fuel or any repairs to our equipment*

Silent running
10kva-Output voltage
20kva-Output voltage
240v and 415v
Hire rates
£ 80.00 (100.00) £ 104.00 (130.00) £ 160.00 (200.00)
10 kva (22kva) Please call for uptodate prices on generator and power distribution hire