Post Hole Borer

Hire a petrol engine post hole borer to make quick work of digging holes for gate posts and fences. Why spend all day digging when you can rent a hole borer and let an engine do all the hard work much more quickly?
Used for quickly digging holes for gate and fence posts. We hire one and two man borers and also digger mounted borers. Caution must be used when using these machines with regards to possible underground services. These machines need to be used by physically fit operators. This type of work requires some manual strength as you may encounter rocks and tree roots that can potentially cause a twisting action to the machine, that the operators will need to brace themselves against.
Single man-Weight
Single man-Power
Two man-Weight
Two man-Power
Hire rates
£ 36.00 (27.00) £ 46.80 (35.10) £ 72.00 (54.00)
Two man ( one man)