Medium /large breaker Hilti TE 1500 AVR

We hire Hilti TE 1500 breakers, designed for heavy duty work such as Breaking concrete, wall demolition, trenches for water pipes and exposing reinforcements.
Operating Instructions

For great breaking power over a long period of time look no further than the TE 1500, this machine offers very high breaking power with low weight and great balance while offering AVR to protect you from heavy vibrations letting you work for extended periods of time.

Full Hammering Frequency
1620 impacts/minute
Contact Force
Active Vibration Reduction
Hire rates
£ 38.00 £ 49.40 £ 76.00
wear charges on steels and accessories may apply
Breaking & Demolition

If you need to hire a concrete breaker to make a hole through a concrete floor or a wall we have a variety of different size Hilti demolition hammers that can do that for you. We’re very experienced in concrete breaker hire and have a wide selection of breakers for you to choose from.

Here are some quick links to our breaking & demolition tools.

We also suggest anyone who hires concrete breaking or demolition tools from us takes the time to read this safety guide to ensure a safe working area.