Floor Saw (14" and 18")

If you need to cut channels in a floor, cut roads or concrete yards you need to hire a petrol engine floor saw. It does a much quicker job than a disk cutter and saves a lot of back ache caused by bending over all day!

14″ ( 350mm) Clipper Floor saw

350mm diameter blade driven by a honda engine allowing you to cut across concrete floor and roadways. Has a removable water tank to feed the blade, aiding cutting and reducing dust. Reduces the need to bend over all day as you would with a handheld stonesaw.

18″ (450mm ) clipper Floor saw

450mm-The largest floor saw we offer, petrol engined with a 450 mm diameter blade and fixed water tank. Designed to cut concrete floors and yards, removes the need to bend over as you’d have to with a handheld saw and offers more cutting power.


350mm weight
350mm max cutiing depth
450mm weight
450mm max cutting depth
Hire rates
£ 60.00(53.00) £ 78.00(68.90) £ 120.00(106.00)
18" (16") Does not include blade wear or fuel