Hilti Angle Grinders

We hire large and small heavy duty angle grinders as well as selling cutting and grinding disks for masonry and steel.

Hilti DAG 4.5Inch (left) РOur 115mm angle grinders are ideal for cutting or grinding steel and stone products. The smaller grinders are able to access tight spaces while also being comfortable to use. We also stock a range of quality abrasive cutting and grinding disks to suit, as well as 115mm diameter diamond blades and mortar rakes.


Hilti DAG 9Inch (Right) – Our 230 mm diameter angle grinders perfect for working on metals and can be used for cutting, fine and rough grinding. It also has a rotatable grip so that you can adjust it to your working position and work comfortably while the AVR reduces vibration for even more safety and comfort.

You must always use goggles and full PPE when using these machines.

DAG 115 Weight
1.7 kg
DAG 115 Disk diameter
DAG 115 Spindle thread
14 mm
DAG 230 Weight
4.6 kg
DAG 230 Disk diameter
230 mm
DAG 230 Max cutting depth
60 mm
Hire rates:
£ 14.00(12.50) £ 18.00 (16.25) £ 28.00(25.00)
230mm grinder (115mm grinder) Always wear protective clothing whwen using this equipment