2" Submersible Water Pump 110v

These industry standard Electric Submersible Pumps can be used in a whole range of site and domestic situations where clean water needs to be moved quickly and efficiently. Most commonly fitted with an automatic float switch they can be left to operate independently if held within a suitable sump ( to ensure the pump does not run dry) Available with various lengths of 2″ lay-flat hose.

Output: max 290l/min

Maximum Head: 10m




Industry standard 2″ Electric Sub Pump operate on 110v power only

Size:         415 x 195 x 195mm

Weight     16.8kg

Transformer: 3kva intermittent

Duty cycle: 8/hr



Submersible water pump
Hire rates:
£ 33.00 £ 42.90 £ 66.00
Regular cleaning of filter base essential: CLEANING IS CHARGEABLE