Hilti Reciprocating Saw WSR 1250-PE

You can hire this saw, select the blades to suit your job and make easy work of cutting through pipes, wood, branches, metals, etc. A truly versatile machine that saves you hours of cutting with a hacksaw.

A very useful hand held electric saw that has with various speed setting and blades allowing you to cut metal, pipes, bolts, tree branches, wood, etc. The blade reciprocates from the end of the machine, making it very useful in confined areas. We also sell the blades for the saws in our shop so if you do need blades you can purchase them here.
Stroke length
32 mm
Stroke rate
2700 strokes per minute
Variable speed switch
Hire rates:
£ 20.00 £ 26.00 £ 40.00
Blades can be purchased at the time of hire