Acro Props

We hire the whole range of acro props from short to very long. If you need acrow support props for your building job, simply measure the gap they need to fit into and let us know, we can almost always find the right acro to fit the gap. Our props must always be used in the vertical position for maximum strength and safety.

Acro props are one of the basic tools of the building trade. Our acrow props come with a location pin for rough adjustment of length and a screw thread which allows final adjustment. Both ends are fitted with a flat plate with fixing holes to allow the prop to be secured locally if required.
Suitable for numerous tasks on almost every building site and DIY task, Fosseway Hire keep hundreds of acrow props, simply tell us what size you require.
Size 0 closed/open
Size 1 closed/open
Size 2 closed/open
Size 3 closed/open
Size 4 closed/open
Hire rates
£ 3.00 £ 3.90 £ 6.00