If you’re dealing with a damp property after a burst pipe, plastering or flooding, you can hire a dehumidifiers and soon get your whole property quickly dried out again.
It’s in times of flooding that our customers really appreciate quick, efficient service from their local hire company

We have two types of dehumidifier units:

1 Large: these are powerful upright dehumidifier units with outlet pipes that need to run into a covered bucket or container.

2 Industrial: these are upright dehumidifier units with catchment tanks built in. Simply place in the middle of the room, plug in and switch on.

The air temperature must be above 4 degrees centigrade before any of our dehumidifiers will work and we always suggest using a moderate heat in conjunction with a dehumidifier for best drying results.

*All our dehumidifiers MUST be kept upright in use and in transportation, so please call us for dimensions prior to collecting with a car to ensure they will fit in the upright position*


Read our expert guide to dehumidifier hire and what do to with a flooded house.

Large dehumidifier
Hire rates:
£ 40.00 £ 52.00 £ 80.00