6 Ton Kubota KX57 Digger

We hire 6 ton diggers fitted with a ENGCON Tiltrotators that will revolutionise the way diggers are used. This extra piece of equipment allows for full control over bucket movements and can make jobs that were once difficult to finish a simple task with the new level of movement and control.
The KX57- lux is fitted with Air conditioning and an uber-quiet cab, along with proportional controls and twin lines for use on Hydraulic hitch and mounted accessories. The machine comes with a selection of ENGCON Swedish buckets as standard.
This machine is  available with or without the tiltrotator attachment so please take this into account if you are looking to hire this machine from us. Other attachments are available : please ask for details.
More Fosseway Hire equipment videos are available on Youtube just type in Fosseway Hire
Hire excavators fitted with tiltrotators
KX57-4 Weight
KX57-4 Dimensions (HxLxW)
KX57-4 Max digging height
KX57-4 Max dumping height
KX57-4 Max digging depth
Hire rates:
£ 210.00 £ 334.00 £ 635.00
The above prices are for Excavator and Tilt-rotator. This excavator in available excluding Tilt-rotator