CAT Cable Detector

The cable avoidance tool (CAT detector) and Signal generator (Genny) enable you to locate buried cables and metal water pipes accurately prior to excavating and should always be used when hiring a digger to avoid digging through services. If you don’t you check with a CAT detector you could be deemed negligent when you started to excavate!

The Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) is a battery operated tool which is used to find buried services, such as mains power cables or metal water pipes (when used in conjunction with a signal generator for water pipes). You simply walk along the suspected path of the underground service, holding the CAT vertical, so the tip of it is just above the ground. When the CAT detects a service it gives off an audio warning sound. You can then trim down the power dial on the machine and cross that area again to narrow down just where the signal is coming from. If you mark this area on the ground and cover the whole area you can often see the route the cable or pipe is taking and therefore avoid digging too close to it.
The CAT is often hired with a Signal generator unit too, which makes it more versatile.   We also suggest that anyone who hires a CAT takes the time to read this guide so that you can do the digging you need to do safely.

Hire rates:
£ 24.00 £ 31.20 £ 48.00
This machine can be teamed up with the CAT signal generator and/or the sond