4/3 Cement Mixers

Hire Belle cement mixers, perfect for laying slabs or smaller indoor or outdoor projects as they are very portable and take up little space. We also hire larger diesel mixers for use on building sites as they can mix much lager quantities of cement or concrete. Cement mixer hire has always been a key part of our business.

Petrol-Petrol engined 4/3 cement mixer, complete with stand. Ideal for use in remote places, as no need for a power source.


110v or 240v-Easy to use Belle electric mini mixer complete with stand. Ideal for cement mixing every day on building sites or smaller DIY projects. (note 110v equipment requires a 110 transformer which is available for hire)


We also  hire Large Diesel-A 5-3-1/2 concrete mixers with diesel engine, electric start on wheels. Used for house building or mixing concrete for large slabs, large shed bases, etc. please ask for accurate price on Large mixers.

We can supply spare parts for your Belle mixer, from a drum or replacement pull-start to an engine or a switch. We do not however offer a repair service.
We also suggest anyone who hires a cement mixer from us takes the time to read this safety guide to ensure a safe working area.

Take a look at our expert guide to working with concrete.

Hire rates:
£ 20.00 £ 26.00 £ 40.00
all damage and cleaning is chargeable