Working with Concrete: Tools, Equipment & Tips

We are specialists in hiring out concrete equipment for laying concrete slabs, farmyards, barn floors, shed bases, garage bases, paths and roadways.

We found it was difficult to hire good concrete equipment in our area and with so many agricultural applications needing to lay concrete near us it seemed sensible to supply the whole range of machines necessary for a good concrete finish.

Concrete shuttering road forms

Metal square edged forms come in three metre lengths and are 150mm deep, usually used for laying concrete slabs and floors.

They can be connected together, end on end using the built in joiners and are then located in place by steel road form pins that are driven into the ground. Integral wedges in the road forms are then driven home securing the forms to their supporting pins.

We supply our concrete road forms in clean, straight condition and expect them to be returned in the same condition. Use of shuttering oil is encouraged to stop concrete sticking to our road forms and we supply this too.

You may find it useful to hire a laser level to help set up large runs of road forms.

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Concrete roller strikers

These steel cylindrical tubes are designed to rest on top of shuttering or existing level surfaces, such as the surrounding concrete slabs and are used for levelling and laying fresh concrete. 

They are driven by a hydraulic motor and pack and rotate to aid quick and easy concrete laying over widths up to 7 metres. 

You can create either a very smooth or a tamped finish by controlling the speed at which the tube rotates. 

You need at least two operatives to work a roller striker and they do not vibrate the concrete when in use.

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Concrete pokers

We offer a choice of petrol and electric concrete pokers with either 25 mm or 50 mm diameter heads. 

They are used to transmit vibrations through freshly poured concrete which forces trapped air bubbles from the concrete.

Thus ensures the concrete you are laying is strong and has no cavities or weak points trapped within it.

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Concrete power floats and pans

Our petrol engine power floats are used by an operator walking behind it to produce a smooth, dense level finish on freshly laid concrete floor once the water has bled from the surface and it is dry enough to be stepped onto. 

Any surface cracks will be closed up at this point and less likely to crack in the future.

The surface will be smooth and dense and thus easier to clean.

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Concrete laying magic screed

Sometimes referred to as Easy Screeds these petrol engine machines come with an aluminium straight blade and provide uniform compaction of concrete surfaces. 

This allows the operator to produce consistently high quality finishes when levelling poured concrete. 

We offer 3m, 3.6 m or 4 .2 m lengths of beams for our machines and you can either lay horizontal or angled finishes to aid water run-off.

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