6" Road forms (Shuttering)

We hire 150 mm deep concrete road forms and pins giving you a very effective option for shuttering your sub base prior to pouring concrete slabs and bases. They are 3m long and ours are all clean and straight!

We’re one of the few companies that still hire concrete shuttering.

6″ roadforms-Rigid 150mm deep steel shuttering (formwork). Used for laying out concrete bases, roadways and concrete slabs. These come in 3 metre lengths that join together with integral slides.

We also have 6 ” flexible roadforms-Steel shuttering, 150mm deep and flexible enough to form radius curves when setting out your formwork, prior to laying concrete.

All our shuttering is sent out clean, we ask that you use shuttering oil prior to use. We will charge replacement costs for any dirty or damaged roadforms returned

Take a look at our expert guide to working with concrete.

Hire rates:
£ n/a £ n/a £ 10.25
Minimum charge period is one week. Note: Road form pins are charged at 0.25p/week