Big blue float

Hire big blue glider trowels they are constructed from carbon fibre steel which provides for a very smooth surface finish of concrete flatwork, often eliminating the need to power float. The blades are curved at the ends to prevent it digging into the work surface.

A manual float with 6 x 1 metre long handles, enabling you to reach across and trowel finish large concrete slabs.We have both 900mm and 1200mm sizes.

When you twist the handle section the head of the float tilts allowing you to float it across the surface of the concrete, move the concrete surface to tidy up imperfections or simply trowel finish the surface to a high standard.

The length of the “snap together” handles allow you to reach across the slab and standing so far away from the surface is often the key to being able to judge the finish your achieving.

Take a look at our expert guide to working with concrete.

Hire rates
£ 22.00 £ 28.60 £ 44.00
Wear charges may apply. Cleaning is chargeable
Concreting Equipment
Concrete is time critical, so we only hire the best concrete equipment, fully tested, clean, straight and ready to work when you need it most.

Don’t waste time when the cement lorry is on site ready to pour, our concreting tools are some of the best available for hire anywhere.

Take a look at our expert guide to working with concrete. Or browse our products to help you find what you are looking for.