Plaque Heater

The ceramic plaque heater is ideal for heating large areas, very simple to use and simply plugs into a transformer offering you a quick reliable heat source.

The ceramic plaque heater utilises a slightly different infra-red heating technique.  The two ceramic emitters radiate at ‘long wave’ infra-red, giving a more gentle over-all heating effect.  The effect is dramatic and is ideal for localised heating.  The emitters give off no visible light making the product ideal for offices, shops and where industrial finishing is taking place.

The maximum output of the heater is an impressive 3kW and can be turned to half power at the click of a switch.
This heater represents a highly efficient, economical way of warming people directly without the need to heat the air first.

Hire rates
£ 21.00 £ 27.30 £ 42.00