Inverter Welder

If you need an Arc Welder that you can carry around easilly on a shoulder strap for example you will be very impressed by the quality of our inverter welder as it can tackle most arc welding jobs that the larger heavy units can.
A very portable arc welding unit, light weight enough to be carried with a shoulder strap, yet offering good, very controlable welding power-used with a range of arc welding rods from 1mm to 2.5mm diameter rods. Produces a very nice, easy to strike weld these are very useful welders that operate on 240 volts and are sometimes used for welding at height where it’s not possible to get a heavier machine up to the welder/fabricators.
Hire rates
£ 22.00 £ 28.60 £ 44.00
long leads are available on request