Genie SLA 10

The SLA 10 Genie is used for lifting Steels, RSJ’s, lintels etc. Into place on site and is portable. Maximum lifting capacity 450kgs.

A Telescopic vertical lifting machine mounted on castors for general lifting of materials, portable and easy to use. Ours have often been employed for lifting steel RSJ’s or concrete lintels into place on building sites.

The machine comes to you folded up for easy transport. You need to unfold the legs, put all safety supports and pins, etc in place prior to using it. Once you have the item to be lifted above the machines lifting forks you manually wind the handles and the masts extend as the load is lifted into place. NEVER allow anyone to enter the area beneath the suspended load.

We will charge you if you damage this machine by overloading it in anyway, so you must know the exact weight of the item you are lifting prior to ordering the machine or commencing work.
The small castor wheels make the machine portable on flat level surfaces. The machines weigh 125kg and are difficult to move across rubble strewn building sites, through scaffolding or up steps-so please ensure your ground surface and working area is suitable and accessible before you ask our staff to attempt delivery.

We also suggest anyone who hires a genie lift from us takes the time to read this:

operator’s manual to ensure a safe working place.

Max lift height
Hire rates:
£ 72.00 £ 93.60 £ 144.00
Please ensue this machine is not overloaded as ALL damage is charged to user