Diesel Transfer Pump

A very compact and portable battery operated pump to aid with syphoning diesel fuels from tanks, barrels and containers. Many agricultural and land working customers use them for filling up their plant and machinery, householders use them to empty oil powered central heating tanks too.
The transfer pump is usually hired to pump derv heating fuel, or diesel from one place to another (NOT to be used for any petrol, thinners or fluids easilly ignited). You simply connect it to a 12 volt vehicle battery which makes it very useful for work in outlying areas.
Transfer pump
Power required
Max flow
Hire rates
£ 17.00 £ 22.10 £ 34.00
Pumping Equipment
Submersible pump
Having years of experience dealing with flood waters across Warwickshire and the Cotswolds we have a large range of petrol, electric and hydraulic water pumps for hire and are happy to help you pick which water pump is best for your needs.

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