Cabinet Heater

We sell Calor gas cabinet heaters, similar to the SuperSer models and supply the butane cylinders to fit them too. We also hire them, so if you need one for just a few days or wish to buy one we can deliver it right to your door.
The portable gas heater on castors that has has an in built ignition source and control knob for how many plaques you want running at a time. These heaters give a maximum of 4.2kw heat output and are for use indoors in a well ventilated room. Not to be used near combustble items or combustible environments. They run on 15kg butane gas cylinders (smaller units often accept a 7kg Butane gas cylinder).We also sell new cabinet heaters and gas cylinders.
Hire rates
£ 12.00 £ 15.60 £ 24.00
We hire a wide variety of heaters powered by gas or electric that can provide heat for any size space. We hire heaters ranging from the smaller convector heaters used mainly for household or office heating to the larger space heaters that are used for heating much larger areas such as warehouses.

If you are looking for gas to power your heater or even coal for your fire then please visit Fosseway Coal where you can find all of our Calor gas and coal prices.

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