Infra Red Heater

The electric infra red heaters we hire are ideal for keeping people warm in warehouse environments or can be used for homes and garages where a powerful heat source is needed.

A very versatile 2.8kW mobile radiant heater.  It houses two 1.4kW infra-red emitters which can be switched individually from the control switches at the of the heater. It has a sturdy handle and can be easily moved to where the heat is needed using the built-in castors
This heater represents a highly efficient, economical way of warming people directly without the need to heat the air.
Very fast thermal response similar to a light bulb, providing instant heat.

The radiant infra-red heats people directly without the need to heat up large amounts of air.

Individual elements can be selected with separate switches.

Simple, efficient and flexible.

Fully mobile- can be pushed on its castors to where the heat is required.

Simply plugs into a 13A domestic socket (230v version, 110volt also available)

Hire rates
£ 17.50 £ 22.75 £ 35.00