Portable Welder

Sometimes you need to weld something in a remote area where there is no power source. You can’t use a small generator to power an arc welder, but we do have diesel engine driven arc welders on wheels designed for the job.
Our Portable diesel arc welders offer up to 160 amps of welding power and are in crash frames mounted on wheels. Due to their relatively small size they can be wheeled along tow paths and farm yards and as you don’t need a power source they are often used for agricultural repairs, welding railings, gates, etc in remote locations. Electric start and runs on red diesel. You will need at least four physically fit and able people to lift this onto your vehicle as it is a very heavy machine. We are happy to load/unload you with a forklift at our depots if necessary.
Hire rates:
£ 50.00 £ 65.00 £ 100.00
long leads are available on request