Simon Hudson: Senior hire technician, trailer work, ADR driver

You will often speak to Simon when you call us and be impressed by his helpful, calm and polite mannerisms. Having previously worked as a tree surgeon for a local contractor. Simon’s previous job means he’s not shy of a hard days work! He came to us having a good understanding of hazardous machinery and it’s proper applications. He delivers equipment for us and ensures the equipment you receive is properly safety tested and ready for hire. Simon is a qualified ADR driver, able to transport hazardous loads, such as LPG cylinders, he lives locally and is a very polite, friendly and helpful member of our team.


Simon has proved very willing, upbeat and diligent in all the roles he covers for us. Including Trailer work, delivery driver, ADR driver, electrical testing, mechanical testing, taking customers bookings and organising customer hires and off hires.